Our own brand products

“NEFTEGAZ KALININGRAD” – High-quality fuel. Excellent service.

You can purchase the following goods at our station convenience stores. Those are our own produce, such as “NEFTEGAZ KALININGRAD” bottled concentrate screen wash, “NEFTEGAZ KALININGRAD” hardwood charcoal bags and BAIKAL pure drinking water. 

Our own brand products are of the highest quality of their kind on the market.

 “NEFTEGAZ KALININGRAD” Ready Mixed Screenwash - simply pour directly into your car's windscreen washer bottle for a smudge-free and clear windscreen. The enhanced formula quickly cleans and removes bugs, dirt and grime and also helps smooth the wiper blade action.

  • Ready to use.
  • Safe to use, non-toxic formula.
  • Use all year round in mild conditions.
  • Fresh fragrance.

 “NEFTEGAZ KALININGRAD” Hardwood Charcoal is 100% natural, so you can be sure that no chemicals or additives will be transferred to your food. Ideal for outdoor use, as it burns hotter and longer. Follow directions on package for amount to use.

  • All Natural Hardwood Charcoal.
  • Lights quickly and burns hotter and longer.
  • Imparts a delicious charcoal-grilled flavour.
  • Restaurant Quality.

 THE BAIKAL premium pure drinking underground water is rich in natural oxygen and is incomparably safer and healthier for the human body than any other source of water.

  • Pure Baikal Drinking Water.
  • Artesian Water.
  • Supplied in PET bottles of different volume.