О компании

“NEFTEGAZ KALININGRAD” – High-quality fuel. Excellent service.

“NEFTEGAZ KALININGRAD” —  ” a fuel company based in Kaliningrad city and the province of Kaliningrad.

We specialise in wholesale distribution of high-quality fuel, oil and lubricants as well as in retail sales of all types of Euro-5 fuels since 2005.

Our strategy

  • Our target is to become a well-recognisable and reliable fuel company on the market.
  • Our objective is to create brand awareness for car enthusiasts and vehicles owners and to offer high-quality Russian-produced fuels. 

Our values 

We have five values that describe our targets and objectives:
  • Fair business culture.
  • Respect for each client.
  • Social responsibility for the community and the state.
  • High corporate standards and employee protection.
  • Ecology and environmental protection. 

What we are:

  • A network of filling stations – we own 8 filling stations within Kaliningrad and in the province of Kaliningrad.
  • All kinds of fuels – we offer high-quality fuels and diesel fuel from reliable Russian producers.
  • Competitive prices – we do not seek excessive profit and offer reasonable prices for high-quality Euro-5 fuels.
  • Fuel quality control – our company maintains a multi-stage fuel control, which guarantees the fuel’s high quality and compliance with Russian standards.
  • Convenient service – our filling stations offer additional services as refueling, tires inflation, vacuum cleaner, car wash and many others.
  • Brand stores – we have a large selection of motor oils, car spare parts and our own brand products.
  • Cafes on-the-go – each filling station has a twenty-four-hour café, where you can have delicious sandwiches, fresh baked goods and invigorating fresh-ground coffee.
  • Fuel cards – an easy, safe and convenient way pay for high-quality fuels, oil and lubricants at “NEFTEGAZ KALININGRAD” filling stations.
  • Wholesale delivery of fuel – we offer a constant delivery of fuels and diesel fuels by our own specialized transport to any place within Kaliningrad and the province of Kaliningrad.
  • Business customers – we offer a bank transfer payments, flexible discount system and payment grace period for already delivered fuel.

“NEFTEGAZ KALININGRAD” is a better type of service station. We offer reliable products and high-quality services to ensure your engine is running smoothly and your driving is safe and sound.

Welcome to the world of high-quality Euro 5 fuel offered at “NEFTEGAZ KALININGRAD” filling stations. 

Everything you need to get going is at “NEFTEGAZ KALININGRAD”!